Book Review: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

As promised I thought I'd share a recent book review that I wrote on goodreads.  Enjoy!

Firelight (Firelight, #1)Firelight by Sophie Jordan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Firelight was a good book, but I felt like it had so much potential and only lived up to a fraction of it. The writting was good and the characters mostly believable. I enjoyed that it was written in first person present tense.

Jacinda Jones is a draki, descended from the dragons of legend. She's the first firebreather that her pride (draki community) has seen in ages. As such she is the object of curiosity and notoriety. She is destined to marry the future alpha of the pride. When she and her best friend Az sneak off to fly during the day (a strict no-no) they nearly get caught by a group of hunters. Except one of the hunters, a boy named Will, sees her in draki form and lets her go. Jacinda's mom freaks and that night she takes Jacinda and her twin Tamra away from the pride. They move to the sweltering desert to wait for Jacinda's inner draki to die. Only at her new school she runs into Will who's mere touch can keep her draki alive.

The parts of the book that I enjoyed most were where it got into the draki world building, how the pride works, the other drake, their cool mountain community. Unfortunately this only happens in the very beginning and a little bit at end. The rest of the book is taken up by Jacinda going to a normal school in a very normal town. I'd much rather have explored her school with the pride back home in the mountains.

Jacinda was a little too back and forth with Will as far as I was concerned. Her motivations seemed true, but I hated her wishy-washyness. I also didn’t like the mom or the twin, they could have been great characters but they seemed to no even care about what Jacinda was going through.

Overall it was a great book. I liked how the author incorporated an old legend into modern times. It was fun and different from the other books I've been reading lately.

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