Fellow Author Soulmates?

 In relation to my last post on No Original Ideas, have you ever found your writing soulmate?  The author who has such similar ideas as the ones that you've planned; who says things the way you'd say them; who uses the same descriptors . . . Within the first few chapters you can guess (and be right) about exactly where the author is going with the plot?

One of my "soulmates" is James Patterson.  I swear it's like he and I are always on the same frequency.  For example: this morning I was reading Witch & Wizard, it's dystopian plot is so similar to my current work in progress Smolder except mine is pre-implementation of the Order and his is post, which makes mine less dystopian and more conspiracy, but still.  He called his baddies the New Order and mine are the New Harmony Order, I suspect we're both playing off the New World Order conspiracy.  AND (this is what particularly weirded me out this morning) he named the pet in the book Feffer . . . the ferret in mine is named Fifer.  Coincidence much? 

Now if only I could write half as well and fast, I'd be in great shape!  Patterson is my hero <3

If anyone is reading this, tell me, who is your author soulmate?


  1. I can't say I have one because I switch genre types every time I write a new story. Great post, though, thanks for sharing your author soulmate with us!


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