Wow my first blog post!  It’s all shiny and new here now, but before long it'll be full of ink splotches and senseless blabbering.

My motivation for starting a blog . . . I'd like to share my thoughts on writing, the struggles and joys, things that I've found helpful to my craft, on my quest to become a published author.  I’d also like a place where I can be held accountable for staying on top of my writing (as much as I love to write, parenthood often gets in the way).  In the past I've been shy about sharing my work.  It seems so personal.  The things that I write come from my soul.  I guess I'm hoping that blogging will be the first baby step towards being confident enough to submit my work to agents.  Even if no one reads the blog at least my words will be out there in the cyber world!

I'll also post thoughts on the latest books that I've read (because I LOVE reviewing new books and talking about books with others) and share the progress of my latest writing endeavors.  

So to start us off:
Currently Working On 
1.      Changing my YA novel from first person past to first person present because it makes so much more sense!  I’m also making cuts because my word count is so high.  PAGE 190/384
2.      Completing the Beta Reader edits for my romance novella.  PAGE 2/45
3.      Plotting my MG (and soooo excited to start writing!)


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