Plot Bunnies Ahoy!!

Eep, I'm being attacked by giant man eating plot bunnies!!

Soooo how do I choose what I want to work on?? I know that I want to do a mid grade novel. I had one idea almost ready to go, I actually thought I'd be able to start the first draft sometime this week. . . but now an old and dear (but evil) plot bunny has snuck up on me. It has me cowering in the corner as it threatens to make writer stew of me if I don't choose to write it next.

I wont go into many details but . . .
Plot One (nice bunny): Its about a young girl who's training to become a Paladin but gets thrown into a conspiracy that could ruin her dreams.
Plot Two (evil bunny):  Takes place in a different world with elementals.  A young water maiden's world is dying (turning into an uninhabitable ice place) because they've banished the destructive fire elementals (whose world is now void of vegetation).  If they can't find a way for them to live together their world will be destroyed.
Plot Three (pygmy bunny):  A comedic retailing of the Grimm Brother's Frog Prince.  Mistaken identity, adventure, saving the kingdom, and learning what keeps magic in children's hearts.

Choices, choices!

Onto today's progress report.

Currently Working On:
1. YA novel tense change PAGE 207/384
2. Beta Reader edits for my romance novella. PAGE 2/45
3. Plotting my MG . . . well you know how that's going!

Goals for tomorrow:
1. Finish editing CH 17 in my YA, 15 pages
2. 8 pages in my romance novella
3. Decide which MG story to go with


  1. Oh my, am I your first follower? So cool!

    You have some great ideas. I wouldn't know what to pick either, they all sound pretty awesome.

  2. Yay, my first follower!! So excited, lol :)

    Thanks Lydia. I should propbably just focus on my revisions of my current project and keep those dang bunnies in their cage! The idea's always sound so boring (or worse, cliche) when I break it down into a couple sentences.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. You're welcome, and thanks for the follow back! Hope my post didn't totally gross you out. It has that effect on some people, LOL.

    FYI, some of the regular people who comment on my blog are such sweethearts. If you follow them, you'll find a bunch of new follower friends in no time.


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