Revision Madness

Today I thought I'd post on revision since revising my YA novel is my number one focus at this point. 

It's a supernatural thriller with a conspiracy.  So much fun to write!  Smolder: A Knight's Children Novel has been in the works for two years now.  I wrote the entire thing in about six months and have been through about seven drafts.  I just can't seem to let it be.  It did really well in last years Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and the expert reviews I received were extraordinarily helpful.  Since then I've been tweaking and picking at the book.  My latest decision to change it from first person past tense to first person present has made a *huge* difference.  I love the way it's reading now.

Onto the tips/websites I've come across that have really helped me with revision/edits.

Edit Minion  I bet my fellow writers have heard of Write or Die especially if they NaNo, The Edit Minion is from the same creator and is hugely helpful in pointing out flaws.  After I change each chapter to present tense I highlight it and put it into the Edit Minion.  It points our overused words (I have major issues with "that" and "have"), as well as adverbs, preposition endings, weak words, passive voice, etc.  It kicks major butt and whips my writing into shape!

After I finish this edit I'll have my mom re-read the book (I know it sounds corny but she's a fantastic editor, so harsh but so brilliant) then I'll read it aloud one more time before sending out the queries.  So scary, but so exciting to be this close!


  1. I'm in revision hell right now. It'll be a few weeks before I come up for air. Good luck on yours!


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