Book Review: Witch & Wizard by James Patterson

Happy Sunday everyone :)  Here's this week's book review.

Witch & Wizard: The New OrderWitch & Wizard: The New Order by James Patterson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all I just have to say, James Patterson = LOVE!

Okay now onto Witch & Wizard.

The world is being taken over by The New Order and the Allgood siblings are in danger. They're ripped out of their house in the middle of the night and accused of witchery/wizardry. Which is ridiculous, right? There is no such thing. Except Wisty Allgood suddenly erupts into flames--becoming a human torch without any damage to herself. So maybe there is something to this "witch" thing after all.

The book is dystopian aimed at younger teens. We get two points of views: 15 year old Wisteria "Wisty" Allgood and her 17 year old brother Whitford "Whit" Allgood. I loved the distinctive voices and the characterization was spot on (always is with Patterson). I'm a huge fan of dueling perspectives these days and this book is a great example why.

The action is tense and saturated with details that make you really feel like you're in their world. It's a fast read with nice short chapters, as we've come to expect from Patterson. There aren't any dull spots or parts where the action lulls, just non-stop adventure in this dystopian world.

Some fans of dystopian fiction might feel like the book glosses over the grittier areas, but I think this makes it a great way to introduce younger readers to dystopia. It's refreshing to get away from the angsty teen romance that floods the YA genre. Also family plays a big part in the book, not usually the case with YA these days.

I especially recommend this to fans of his Maximum Ride series. Though the subjects are entirely different somehow it has the same "feel."

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