Getting my Ducks in a Row

I'm one of those writers who is never just working on one project.  I usually have one I'm writing, one I'm editing, and one I'm outlining.  Some days (like today) I feel spread too thin.  I think maybe I should put the other projects aside and just focus on editing my baby (Knight's Children, the only novel to date that I feel is publication worthy).  The problem is once I start focusing on just one idea my muse withers and dies.  The only way to keep myself overflowing with creativity is to constantly be working several projects.

I also have several other daily distractions to deal with--i.e. my 3.5 year old and 10 month old kiddies who are absolutely fabulous and require a lot of attention.  They inspire me and delight me, but make it impossible to get some work done some days.  I'm currently getting my little girl ready to start school.  She's smart, very smart for her age, maybe gifted.  As such she is in constant need of stimulation.  She wants to learn, learn, learn.  Which doesn't leave much time for getting things done.  But being the best Mama I can be is my number one priority so I'm okay with that.

So, onto the point of my post.  I'm on a mission to find how writers can manage multiple projects without going bonkers. 

The biggest key is time management. 

One of my major issue is wasting time.  Every advice column out there lists wasting time as the number one thing to inhibit productivity.  How much *networking* is actually useful, and how much is really just procrastination?  I need to stop wasting time on the internet. 

Another tip I found is very simple and it's something that I should already be doing:  Ask yourself what project would I be best at right now?  Usually as a writer you know where your head and heart are.  So go with what you're feeling.  Maybe you feel too much pressure to get your edits done and you just need to let your muse run free for awhile.  Then write, or work on plotting.  Sounds so simple. 

I also want to be better at blocking out certain times for certain things.  I downloaded daily planner pages and printed them off, there are some great free ones that you can find online.  I printed off several types to try.

Writing related goals for this week:
  • Finish editing chapters 19, 20 and 21
  • Write 8 pages a day for Script Frenzy
  • Finish outlining my Dystopian


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