5 Faves Friday: Swoon Worthy Males

For this weeks installment of 5 Faves Friday I'm posting my top 5 favorite male characters of all time.  Hold on to your hearts girls, these men will snatch them before you know what's happening!

#1) Rhett Butler (Gone With The Wind) - Need I say more?  He's so darn sexy and charming and smooth.  One of the things that makes him most sexy to me is his relentless pursuit of Scarlett.  He's a man who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to possess it. 

#2) Dimitry (Vampire Academy Series) - I totally love the older teacher thing going on here.  Its a take on the whole forbidden romance thing that hasn't been over done.  I love it and love him.  He's so sexy to Rose, which makes him so sexy to us.  Jeez the chemistry between those two is combustible!

#3) Damon (Vampire Diaries Series) - Stefan is too good.  As you can probably already tell from my list, I like the bad boys.  The badder the better.  I liked him best in the books, but I have to admit Ian Somerhalder makes my heart go pitter-patter every Thursday night.  Dang he's HOT!!

#4) Jace (Mortal Instrument Series) - HOT!  Cassandra Clare did an impeccable job at bringing him to life.  He's moody and depressed and it works for him.

#5) Ian (The Host) - Okay so Ian might be my one exception to the whole bad boy thing.  He's so sweet.  Like cavity producing sweet.  As opposed to Jared who is harsh and angry.  Jared would normally be much more my type, but something about Ian melts me. 

Runners up - Heathcliff, Mr. Darcy, and Gale.
A bit of about me trivia: My little brother was named after Rhett Butler.  My love interest in Smolder is inspired by Ian Somerhalder and he's quite a bit older than my main character (she's 17 he's 23).  He wasn't originally intended to be the love interest but my MC had her own ideas--and honestly who could blame her?!

And here's a bit of eye candy (I couldn't resist!)

Ian Somerhalder a.k.a. Damon Salvator

Mr. Clark Gable a.k.a. Rhett Butler


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