Crazy Fun Weekend (pics)

Whew!  I had a long, crazy-busy weekend.  My baby bear had his first birthday, I can't believe he's already a year old :'(  We pretty much partied all weekend.  Here's the Finding Nemo cake . . . nothing is more adorable than watching a one year old try cake for the first time!

This smaller cake is the "SMASH" cake :)

He got spoiled--seriously spoiled--with all his presents.  My little ladybug got a bunch too (she was such a good sport).

After a long day of partying and playing we went to the drive in and saw Kung Fu Panda 2.  Which was cute.  Lady bug kept sticking her head out of the sun roof so she could watch the new Pirates movie playing on the screen behind us (that's my girl).  Then the kids fell asleep and I got to see Thor.  Which was pretty awesome.  I didn't get to see the ending though because it was about 1:30 am and the kids woke up and got cranky.  I'm a big fan of mythology and loved to see a creative take on it.  And Chris Hemsworth is hot ;)

The rest of the weekend was just as crazy.  We wet out to eat, watched tons of movies, played with the new toys, went to the park, played board games with the whole family.  I had a blast and it was just the sort of distraction I needed.  Now I'm psyched to dive back into my edits of Smolder.


  1. That is one happy (and sticky) kid! Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. Aww happy birthday to your son! He's so cute!


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