Thankful for Thursday: Real Life Heroes

Over at the Oasis for YA they host a weekly meme called Thankful for Thursdays where we "share our gratitude" with the world.  Sending those good grateful vibes out into the world :)  This week's topic is Real Life Heroes.

I've been fortunate enough to have many real life heroes in my world.   

My kids are amazing.  They inspire me and help me to rediscover the magic in everyday things.  I love seeing things through their eyes.

My Mama is incredible.  She's my best friend and most trusted advisor :)  She's always been my first reader.  She's business smart, highly logical, and incredibly well read.  Her opinions are always constructive and helpful and she never sugar coats her thoughts.  I'm so grateful for her honesty and her patience and her willingness to help me.

My Great Grandma passed away when I was twelve, but she is who originally inspired me to write.  She was a master storyteller and poet.  On hot summer nights we'd lay under the stars and she'd tell me stories about growing up in the early 1900's . . . or silly stories about fairies and crickets. 

And of course my incredibly helpful beta readers, all eight of them, who helped make Smolder what it is today.



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