Birthday Blues

Normally I'm a good sport about birthdays, really I am, but today I'm just feeling .... meh.  I think it's because it's the big two-five.  I'm officially a quarter of a century.  There I've said it.  Not that I think it's old or anything, I just wanted to have more accomplished by now. 

Since my birthday is pretty much exactly the halfway point of the year I like to make birthday resolutions.  This year the ones related to writing are:

1. Get published

2.  Finally put Smolder to rest (at some point you just have to let your baby go), finalize edits of romance novella, and complete two new first drafts.

3. Try out self-publishing with Witchy Winter novella

4. Compete in the Amazon Breakthrough Novelist Competition again.  (I did this two years ago and advanced to the semi-finals with Smolder)

5. Finish up degree (I'm so close, but the kids kind of make it impossible for me to take classes)

Bye bye for now friends, I'm going camping in the Rockies and wont be back till the 5th.

 Happy Fouth of July everyone!!

Fun about me trivia fact: I came home from the hospital at night time on July 4th and my Mama has always told me that everyone lights fireworks for me :) I think I believed her until I was about six, lol.


  1. Happy birthday! Enjoy the day even if it does mean you're getting older ;) It sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you, good luck with everything!!

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you're able to make all of your resolutions. :)


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