Book Review: Sweep (volume 2) by Cate Tiernan

Summary from Goodreads: Morgan Rowlands is a blood witch, the last of a long line of ancient and powerful witches and the holder of an unfathomable power. With the help of her love, her soul mate, Cal, she has realized her true self - but at at price. For Morgan and Cal share a terrible, dark secret, one that binds them together even as they are rent apart. Yet there is something about Cal's hunger for magick that frightens Morgan.... And now there is another one who can bring Morgan clarity, truth... love. Morgan must decide who is her true love, and who is out to destroy her forever....

My Rating 4.5 / 5 Stars

This volume contains books 4-6 of the Sweep series.  A great follow up to volume one, I think I enjoyed this one even more.

The Characters: I love the characters in these books Morgan, Bree, Hunter, Cal, Skye and all the other minor characters as well.  They're intriguing, their actions have depth and motivation--something I always appreciate.  They have complete and well thought out histories that play a vital role in the plot.  Morgan's journey to discover her true heritage is faciniating and seems genuine.  

The Magick:  The magic in these books are based (loosely?) on the Wiccan tradition, which grounds it a bit in reality and gives it credibility.  It's beautiful and nature based.  I did feel that Tiernan could have done even more with it though.

The Romance:  Another love triangle.  Ugh.  Not a fan.  But both boys (Cal and Hunter) have good and bad things going for them.  They both have dark and light sides.

The Structure: The way the book was structured the reader gains insight to the Wiccan world of magick through Book of Shadow entries at the beginning of each chapter. 

Overall:  A great book (I LOVE witches) and I'm really looking forward to the next volume!

What I Learned about Writing from Reading this Book: I learned about story arch in a series. This isn't as well executed as I'd like in Sweep... the books almost feel like separate "episodes" or something. I also learned a bit about ways to show character growth and how to make characters unique and relatable... And the magic!  I LOVED reading about Wicca :) 

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  1. The cover is pretty...and your matching font color was nice! The story sounds like a fun read.


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