Update on my WIPs (ROW80 check-in)

So I haven't posted an update in awhile and it's about time that I do so!  My life's been crazy and the last few weeks haven't gone as smoothly as I would've liked.  But I'm still making progress.  Slowly.  ROW80 ends on June 23rd so I seriously need to get my tushy in gear. 

The Goals:
1) Finish past tense to present tense rewrite of Knight's Children and start on beta reader edits.
2) Write 50,000 words in The Curse of the Mallory Girls.
3) Outline and begin first draft of Christmas Story.

What I've actually done:
1) I've gotten several chapters of Smolder: A Knight's Children Novel under my belt.  Still not finished with converting it to present tense.  I think I'll make it by the deadline though, I only have four chapters left.  This is really where most of my writing time and engergy go.  It's the project that I most believe in.  After this round of editing I'm going to start sending out queries!  :D

2) I got hung up on names with my Mallory Girls idea.  Names.  Silly stupid little tags that I waste way too much time obsessing over.  I'm still trying to decide what the sisters names should be.  Sometimes I feel like they should have a theme, sometime I just want them to sound a bit pretentious.  I told myself I'm going to finalize them today though.  I won't be anywhere close to the 50,000 words, but I hope to actually start the first draft before the 23rd.

3) My Christmas Story idea (tentatively titled Witchy Winter) is really going well.  I think I have a great vision of it and I'm pretty sure I'll finish outlining by the deadline.  I'm still counting on writing, revising, beta-reader edits, etc. before Thanksgiving, not to extreme because it's a novella so about 25,000 words is all.  I'd like to make it available to purchase during the Christmas season.  I'm really looking forward to learning how self-publishing works and I think this novella will be the perfect way to try things out.  I hope.  I could change my mind.  I'm a bit fickle. 



  1. You should be happy about the progress you've made! The last few weeks haven't gone as well for me either (even besides vacation week, when I wasn't expecting to get much done) but I'm pushing forward so I can make my goal by the 23rd. I can't believe the challenge is almost over!

    Good luck these last few weeks!

  2. Ohh! I like your Christmas story idea! And don't fret so much about names. Your character know their name, they'll tell you in time, until then, give them a nickname!

    BTW - I tagged you in a meme on my blog!!

  3. Thanks Ghenet! I know, when I started ROW80 I thought that 80 days would be plenty of time for me to finish my goals ... not so much!

    Yay! Thanks for the tag Ashley :) Those pesky characters.... nothing seems to fit them for names. Oooh, I think I might nickname FMC Pesky! Ha, that'll teach her. Bwwwaaa ha ha ha ;]


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