A giant THANK YOU + ROW80 check in

Whew, what a week! 

I want to say a gigantic thank you for all of you who helped me with my query.  I think it reads so much better now.  It's tighter and more fluid while still maintaining the integrity of the plot line.  Not to toot my own horn . . . but I didn't think it could be this good ;)

I'm also amazed at the wonderful queries I read.  You guys are brilliant--creative and so wonderfully talented.  I have my fingers crossed that we all get agents this year abnd can be debute authors next year! 
Hee hee okay I'm done with the cheese, time for a ROW80 check in.

1. Finish beta reader edits of Smolder and begin sending out query letters.  Well I've completely revamped my query letter which is a huge step in the right direction.  I've mentioned before that I've always disliked the way I introduce my main character--well, I rewrote that seen and I'm loving it now.  It seems so much more honest and true to her character.  I also think that it will make her more endearing to the readers from the get-go.

2. Write Witchy Winter and begin edits.  I'm a few thousand words into W.W. which isn't as far as I'd hoped to be, but it's not a bad start.  The beginning will have to be completely re-written in the second draft, but I'm not too worried about that.  I have a good grip on the characters now (finally decided on names too) and its starting to flow better.

3. Continue plotting out Curse of the Mallory Girls (which I plan to write in November).  Haven't picked up Mallory Girls lately and I'm considering switching to my dystopia for this year's NaNoWriMo but we'll see.

Overall I'm pretty excited about this week's progress!


  1. It's great to re-read your writing and think, "Wow! I love this story!", and you are allowed one day of pure gushing! Enjoy the glow. The tightening up that followed my typing of my novel, Claiming The Prize, made the story better. Now, as soon as I get it back from my critique partner, I'll have even more suggestions to make it shine.
    Your progress seems to be just where you envisioned, and that is always a boost for confidence. Take care! ~ Nadja

  2. Sounds like you have made some good progress. Good luck with the querying.


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