My Muse Loves Camping (pics)

I'm back.  Camping was a blast, I hadn't been in years and had forgotten how much I enjoy it!

Being out in nature is so inspirational to me.  I decided not to bring my laptop because I wanted to enjoy my family time instead of working the whole time, but I kept getting itchy fingers--my mind was going crazy with plot lines and character backgrounds.  I can't wait to get my hands on my manuscript.

I also used the trip as a research experience.  Smolder takes place in a subterranean facility in the Colorado Rockies.  I took a ton of pictures of the vegetation and rock formations so that my manuscript could be as factually correct as possible. 

The river was really high due to run off, and pretty muddy. 

This was so neat--plateaus!  There was a little slice of the desert smack dab in the middle of the mountains.

This was a baby blue jay that fell out of his nest. So sad.  He was so cute and so hungry.  We saw him while we were fishing so I fed him a worm.  We also saw a deer, buffalo, cattle and wild horses.

Another one of the blue jay.  I was so surprised she let my little girl touch her!

I'm re-energized and ready to return to writing!  I want to finish this draft of Smolder and start on my Christmas novella (Witchy Winter) this week. 


  1. I completely agree, there isn't much else better for your must than being out in nature :)


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