I'm baaaack . . . with pics!

A giant THANK YOU to all of you who have been leaving such sweet comments while I've been recovering!  I'm back now and ready to really dive in.  I've been working a lot on my Christmas novella, Witchy Winter, I have a full outline and the first chapter written.  If all goes well I should be finished sometime in September or the first part of October.  Woot woot :)

. . .  So my little girl just turned 4!  And since I posted pics of my little man's party a few months ago I thought I'd post some of hers :)  It was a Tangled party, so much fun and the gaggle of girls were so dang cute!

The yummy cake :)

The Princess holding court.

Baby Bear was getting in some mischief while everyone was busy with sissy!

I can't believe she's already four!  Next week she starts dance and competitive gymnastics, I can't wait :)

Also I received the results of the biopsy . . . this last surgery finally got all the bad cells!  I think my worry about the results might have been giving me writer's block.  Cancer plays a huge part in Smolder and it was hitting a little too close to home.  I'm looking forward to getting back to it with fresh eyes.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! Your kids are so cute. Love the Tangled cake. :)

  2. That is some cake! Beautiful kids :) My boys used to sit in my drawers too, now they are 12 and 10. Oh, how time flies--drink it in.

  3. Awesome cake! I'm glad that you are doing better!

  4. WOW what an absolutely amazing cake. Who made that? Glad you're getting back onto your feet. Cancer really is such an ordeal but medicine is really catching up these days! Keep up the hope!

  5. OMG. You have such beautiful children! Just like their momma! I LOVE that cake!

    I hope your recovery goes well!

  6. Thanks ladies, you're all so sweet <3

    The cake was actually just from Smith's, I couldn't believe what a great job they did. I took my daughter to pick out her cake--she'd made up her mind that she wanted a Tangled stage cake, but it turned out they only had flat sheet cakes in that style. The super sweet baker winked at her and said "I'll see what I can do." She whiped up a cake that was specifically for her and decorated that gorgeous cupcake too!

  7. That cake looks delicious. I'll take one with Rapunzel's hair on it. Thanks! :)

    Awesome blog. Found it through Krista.


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