5 Fav Friday: Things to get the creative juices flowing!

If you're a writer, chances are you're a creative type. The act of writing (including all the pre-work, research, the act of writing, and the long hours spent on editing) is a very creative process.  I have to be in the right (write) frame of mind before I can sit down and begin working on my current WiP.

It usually happens that doing something else and taking a break from writing is just what you need to reinvigorate yourself. For today's 5 Favs I'm going to tell you my 5 favorite things to do that helps me get into that highly creative write-mode.

1. Go for a walk/run. Taking the kidlings for a walk is one of my absolute favorite ways to get into the zone. I live in Utah right against the Rockies and the weather here is finally showing the first signs of warmth! I love strapping on my super cute grey and pink running shoes and heading out into the sunshine, it clears my head and invigorates my senses. Also, going with the kids is great because they think of it as an "adventure," they see the magic in the mundane. Nothing inspires me more than seeing the world through their eyes.

2. Read something amazing. When I'm stuck in the middle of a scene or trying to work out the details of an outline I find that stepping away from my book and reading something else really helps. It's often when I'm immeresed in another book-world that I'm suddenly struck with a brilliant idea for mine. I tend to go with books that I've already read and loved--the Harry Potter books are my favorites for this sort of thing. J.K. Rowling is just so creative! I've been reading the books aloud to my 4 year old (who is completely obsessed).

3. Do something crafty. I'm a crafty person. I scrapbook, crochet, sew, draw, and make all sorts of things with the kids. When I'm doing things that require creativity outside of writing it gets me using the right side of my brain.

4. Take a nice long bubble bath. If you're like me its almost impossible to eek out a quiet hour of "me" time, but it's so important. I love to indulge in a long bubble bath with dark chocolate, a grown up beverage, and a good book. Sometimes just taking time out of your life for you to be alone with your thoughts is all you need to get the writing bug. Life is so hectic for most of us, but writing is such an internal process, indulge yourself with some personal time and reap the writerly rewards.

5. Watch a TV show or movie in the same genre. If I really need to set into a scene and just cant quite manage it on my own I'll turn on Netflix and find a show that falls into the same genre. Or occasionally I need help getting into the mind of certain characters and can find similarities between my characters and ones that I see on screen. For instance, I use Gossip Girl to get into the mind of my privileged teenage characters. Or I have a character who reminds me of Mal from Firefly and just watching five minutes of that show makes me itch for my keyboard.

A note: I'm not an auditory person. At all. So most of the things that I listed are visual or textile. A lot of writers use music to get into the write-mode. The key is finding what works for you and recognizing when you need to take a step back from your WiP and gain some perspective.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to go on a pirate adventure at the park with the kidlings. Arrrg matey!


  1. #1 is absolutely my go to. It never fails that if I take a walk, good ideas will start bubbling up. My muse seems to love the woods :)

    "they see the magic in the mundane. Nothing inspires me more than seeing the world through their eyes." That is so awesome!

  2. Thanks for sharing :D I often turn to these as well, but I think what helps the most is to just relax. Taking a nice long, warm bath or lying in bed with music playing the background really helps. I have to be alert, though, and then the creative juices really start flowing...otherwise I'll just fall asleep and that's not really good, haha.

  3. #5 is a really good one, and looking back, I think it's worked for me. I don't know if I would have thought to put it in a list like this, but it totally fits.

  4. GREETINGS, EARTHLING!! While I can only stay in this existence finite for a while (gotta run back to the Elysian Fields soon), take anything and everything you wanna from our wonderfull, plethora-of-thot to write the next, great masterpeace -if- I can but kiss your gorgeous, adorable feets and/or cohesively cuddle withe greatest, ex-mortal-girly-ever to arrive in Seventh Heaven!! Think about it. Do it! Get back with me Upstairs, k? God bless you, doll: pleasure-beyond-measure is waiting in the Great Beyond for you and eye. Love you proFUSEly, girl (the name of Lenin’s newspaper, the FUSE). Thus, if you can read-between-the-lines, the musical term MOREnDO means ‘dying-away in tone-and-time’. How very apropos for U.S. …thewarningsecondcoming.com


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