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Relaunching To Think in Ink!

Hello strangers, its been a while... okay, a  loooong while. My blogging has been sporadic at best and its been months since I've posted anything. Crazy! Where does time go? I swear there is a leak in the great cosmic hour glass and days keep getting shorter and shorter as sand seeps through the tiny crack.

I've still been writing (perhaps not as much as I should) and editing (man am I sick of that part!) but keeping up with everything else has kept me away from blogging and I miss it, and all of my awesome blogger friends, like crazy... And thus, my grand relaunch of To Think in Ink!

*manic confetti throwing*

I've had blogging on my To-Do list since January 1st but somehow the month disappeared. The first week of February is almost as good, right? Smile and nod--"Sure, Ms. Briar, lets pretend the New Year starts in February and that's when we make resolutions. Your lack of date keeping is completely normal." Okay, maybe not normal, but there has to be other …