July Camp WriMo

November is one of my absolute favorite months. I've completed 6 NaNoWriMos and managed to win every time (sometimes only making the midnight deadline by the skin of my teeth, whew talk about a rush!)... But waiting until November every year is hard. I'm a super competitive person who loves challenges in all shapes and forms, for me nothing is a better motivator. The competitive nature that comes out in me during NaNo pushes me to write harder and longer; I love writing until my fingers hurt and pushing myself to my creative limits.
If like me, you hate waiting a whole year, camp is an awesomely fun way to keep the noveling spirit alive.This Camp is my first, and so far I'm having so much fun. I set an insanely high goal for myself (during Camps you can choose your own word count goal) and I'm loving the extra push it's giving me!
Other reasons why I love camp:
The Camp theme is awesome and very fit for summer. Who doesn't like summer camp? Especially one focused on writing!
You are assigned into a "cabin" with other 6-8 other writers to chat with/commiserate/celebrate with this month.
The time of year is wonderful. Novembers can be hard, but I have a lot more free time in July.
For those of you joining in the fun, happy Camping! And anyone who isn't, its not to late to get started!
Happy Independence Day!!
To celebrate I'm getting an uber early start on writing... hoping for an awesomely productive morning, then tons of fun and fireworks tonight!


  1. I did the April session of Camp NaNo and I really enjoyed it. The flexibility to choose your word count is great!

    Remember to put on bug spray and have fun writing at Camp!


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