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July Camp WriMo

November is one of my absolute favorite months. I've completed 6 NaNoWriMos and managed to win every time (sometimes only making the midnight deadline by the skin of my teeth, whew talk about a rush!)... But waiting until November every year is hard. I'm a super competitive person who loves challenges in all shapes and forms, for me nothing is a better motivator. The competitive nature that comes out in me during NaNo pushes me to write harder and longer; I love writing until my fingers hurt and pushing myself to my creative limits. If like me, you hate waiting a whole year, camp is an awesomely fun way to keep the noveling spirit alive.This Camp is my first, and so far I'm having so much fun. I set an insanely high goal for myself (during Camps you can choose your own word count goal) and I'm loving the extra push it's giving me! Other reasons why I love camp: The Camp theme is awesome and very fit for summer. Who doesn't like summer camp? Especially one fo…