2014 Writerly Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

I LOVE January first, when the whole world is filled with hope for the upcoming year. It gives me a chance to take a long hard look at my life and making my resolutions to help me accomplish my goals.

Before I get to the awesomeness that is going to be 2014, I want to do a quick recap of 2013...

Things that Rocked in 2013:

* My kidlings are doing wonderfully in school! My daughter is 6 and a total smarty pants, reading at a 6th grade level (gotta start them young!), and my son is 3 and learning and growing at a more rapid pace than I ever would've thought possible. This mama is so very proud!

* I met someone of the boyfriend variety... more on this later ;)

* I wrote a bunch of short stories for kids at my son's school. He goes to a pre-school for autistic children and I discovered a way to mix my writing and my love of helping children. Its been an incredibly rewarding experience and a great use of my writing talent.

Things that kinda/sorta/completely Sucked in 2013:

* I failed NaNoWriMo for the first time ever. Got about 10,000 words into it then, WHAM total writers block. Before this year I could have sworn there was no such thing as an actual "block" but that's exactly what it felt like in November. Ugh.

* I accidentally deleted an entire draft of Priceless. Yup... hundred hours of work gone in an instant. I thought I had it backed up on my flashdrive but it got squashed and stopped working.

* I dropped out of my writing routine and didn't get anything done at all writing wise. I normally wake up at 5am to workout and write, but this year that petered out.

On to the awesomeness that will be 2014... Here are my resolutions:

* Get organized with writing and with life in general.

* Begin a real routine and stick with it. I want to resume waking up at 5am, working out, then start off my day of writing. If I'm lucky I might get 1.5hrs of writing done before I need to get the kids ready for school.

* Re-do the draft of Priceless that I lost. With any luck it will be my final draft and I'll feel good enough about it to begin pursuing publication.

* Either begin the sequel to Priceless or start writing one of the other novel's I have planned, depending on how secure I feel about the final draft of Priceless.

* Experiment with writing another genre. I have some great ideas for a midgrade book. So excited!

* I also want to start blogging again on a regular basis. I'd like to do two posts a week, one on writing and one on reading. PLUS I asked my little girl if she'd like to start reviewing mid-grade books for To Think In Ink and she was soooooo excited!! So be looking for weekly posts called "Kiki's Corner!"

I hope you all have a fabulous day and wish you luck on all your resolutions for the upcoming year!!


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