ROW 80 Goals!

So I thought a great way to kick off 2014 was to give ROW 80 another shot! I have some major goals I'd like to accomplish this year and I love the community support from ROWers :)

I'm actually two days late posting my goals because I've been flat on my back with the flu all week. I'm still feeling like a gigantic steaming pile of doggy doo, but thanks to Dayquil  I'm at least slightly coherent at the moment :)

Without further ado, here are my goals for this round...

1 * Get organized with my writing. I have bits a pieces of plot bunnies and characterization/setting/dialog notes floating around everywhere. Ugh. My disorganization is driving me bananas. I know I could be a whole lot more productive with just a little organization.

2 * Finish the final draft of Priceless! So excited that my baby is finally nearing completion!

3 * Hammer out a first draft of a New Adult novel I've been kicking around lately. I'm really looking forward to trying my hand at a new genre!


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